Lovely humans of the universe, welcome! I am so happy you decided to stop by. Over the last 20 years, I have been blessed with so many amazing people and experiences in my life and I am so so grateful, thank you for being a part it,

In Feb 2019 I had a moment in time that changed my life forever, this moment of clarity gave me the gift of fresh vision which caused me to re-evaluate everything. During that time I shut down almost my social media, outside media, and became very conscious of what I was consuming and what I was creating.

Now I am slowly turning the creation part back on, with a focus on Make Awesomeness for Others MAFO (which happens to be the working title of my new book). The book, my talks, social media etc… will focus on how to live MAFO.

MAFO has gifted me a lot of things here are 3 of my favorites:
SOULFUL abundance (I don’t wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats and terrors anymore),
physical VITALITY (I feel fricking good and my beer belly doesn’t drag on the ground in Cobra pose)
FINANCIAL independence (I get to MAFO every day with a 1 person 1 Million dollar business www.cityhunt.com)

I invite you you to journey with me as I open up my cardigan (IE give you full access to my life and heart) to share with you all the tools, practices, rituals and experiences that made this all possible.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that we are all one (Shungo Sub Ek).
So how can we manifest this together?

Live MAFO with everyone you come in contact with every day
Send stories of MAFO that I can share with the world
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